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2007-08-31 - jjackunrau

So here’s a reason I wish I’d been in China the past week or two. Neil Gaiman was at a SciFi con in Chengdu. When I heard about it I immediately emailed Holly and Todd, the two people in China I thought might be able to do something about this weird and wonderful confluence of events. Holly was off to Nanjing, but Todd went above and beyond the call of duty by oh, you know, volunteering at the convention and hanging out with Neil Gaiman and Robert J. Sawyer while they were there. One of the pictures from Neil Gaiman’s excellent blog post on the convention would almost have caught Todd, but he was getting food. Todd took a bunch of pictures of his own though, which he said I could put on my blog and in my flickr account as if they were my own. I wish.

You know that feeling of jealousy that actually feels pretty good because the thing you’re jealous of is awesome and the person who received it instead of you appreciates it, and there was just no way to get to Chengdu this month? Yeah. Thanks for going, Todd. Though it would have been sweet to get a bootleg DVD of Stardust signed. I understand why it seemed wrong.

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