> i'm not apologizing for puking on your carpet

i'm not apologizing for puking on your carpet

2007-03-20 - jjackunrau

So I turned 27 last week and had a good party. I credit that to having good friends. I also credit quitting Tippy Boats while I was behind. I have learned the wondrous lesson of pacing myself so very few people were cussed out for their mere habit of existing (and I didn’t puke anywhere despite what the subject line may lead you to believe). I was even able to do most of the clean up the next morning before the ladies got up from their sexy sexy bed.

My friend Suzanne from JSkool was in from Calgary on Saturday and we got to catch up a bit. I neglected to wear green.

Alison farted on the cat today.

I’m sorry Internet. This isn’t enthralling at all. All my good stuff is stored elsewhere these days. Elsewhere on my desk. Because I’m completing all the goddamned tasks (except one) that my phone reminds me of each morning.

I laughed today because Rachael’s working on a paper and was really proud of her “funny bit” so she read it to Alison in the kitchen and Alison couldn’t tell where the joke was at all. Rachael tried to recover from Alison’s non uproarious response by saying that hopefully her prof wouldn’t be as horrified by the subject matter and would laugh. It made me think of too earnest Mennonites trying desperately to liven things up in a committee meeting by suggesting in mock seriousness that everyone was going to hell for their use of industrial staples, but it’s just a joke and we don’t really think you’re going to hell! Ha ha! And being really proud of their offbeatness in the process. I guess I cringed and laughed in the other room while this was going on.

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