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2007-04-27 - jjackunrau

Here’s a little message goin’ out from Alison:

ok people, I now officially have 2 rooms in my house that are OPEN, which means you may soon see me on the street performing a variety of acts in an attempt to pay my mortgage unlesss....: IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO NEEDS A PLACE TO LIVE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. There is one smaller, cheaper room available and a larger room as well. Kitchen, bathrooms, living area are shared. Rachael is moving out in a couple of days, so I need someone ASAP. Please forward this along to anyone you think may be interested. -Alison

Alison’s being very nice about not doubling my rent while we don’t have another person in the house, but I don’t want to drive her into the poorhouse (which is three doors down from us). If you know someone who isn’t an idiot (or who is an idiot but is also fun), let me know. Or Alison. Though I’m not putting her email up here. Leave a comment and I’ll pass it on.

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