> off to nanchon... calgary

off to nanchon... calgary

2007-09-14 - jjackunrau

I’m heading off to work in a while and I won’t be home again till Tuesday morning.  Hopefully I won’t be doing too much email checking while I’m in Calgary so if I seem to be out of contact, I am. 

I’m still debating the worth of bringing my iPod along for the busride, since its battery-life is woefully short in comparison to the journeytime.  That’s the main reason I’d like one of those new iPods (even just the big nano): 24 hours of music between charges would be very nice on long journeys.  I’ll probably leave mine at home.  I’d just sit there looking at it wishing it could play once its 2-2.5 hours of juice ran out.  I don’t need to be angry at a piece of technology.

Speaking of anger at technology I wish our wireless network in the house was more reliable than occasional.

To the people involved, I hope the 2007 Idiot Open goes well and no one dies as a direct result (decades-later liver damage I count as indirect).  You sure got a decent baseball game last night.

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