> notes from a weekend away

notes from a weekend away

2007-09-19 - jjackunrau

I’m back from a great weekend away. It’s funny how really we didn’t do much, but it was still a good time. Sitting around talking about CBC and books can be quite enthralling with the right people, which Caroline and Brian definitely are. I mean, we went to the mountains since one of the main thing you do as a Calgarian is leave Calgary, but it was all very relaxed kind of stuff. I guess I can say that because I didn’t do any of the driving.

Near the Greyhound station in Brandon there’s a sign that reads: “Secure Your Future - Enroll in a cosmetology course today.” I thought a bit about my future and if it was flapping around enough that Brandon cosmetology was the thing I needed. I decided it wasn’t.

In Calgary I killed some time on Monday morning watching people with shopping carts ferry between the Uptown Bottle Depot and Payless Liquor, before I discovered The Sentrybox was right near the bus station.

Anyway, good times. Glad to get away. Oh, and Caroline have you found my “Thanks for having me” gift yet?

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