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2008-01-21 - jjackunrau

Yesterday I went out to visit my cousins Tara & Joey with my cousins Austin & Darlene. Well, technically only the first of each of those pairings are my cousins, the latter halves being their spouses, but they’re basically my cousins, and will be considered to be so for the duration of this post.

Anyway. We went out to near Neepawa where Tara & Joey live in a very well lit house (I really love all their windows) with their horses, dogs and 2-year-old son. It was cold but we had no car trouble going or coming, just a lot of frost on the windows from conversation.

Out there we played Settlers of Catan and watched Ethan interact with Austin & Darlene’s dog. It was good to have a game to play since I find I’m bad at just visiting-style visiting.

I could live out in the country in a place like Tara & Joey have. Not even necessarily as nice a house (I’d think more in terms of a tinyhouse) but in a bunch of trees with a creek and an island and the occasional bear and cougar wandering through. And stars. Lots of stars.

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