> failure and justification

failure and justification

2008-11-29 - jjackunrau

I am wearing new pants because I failed at Buy Nothing Day. But they’re pants in a whole weird direction for me so that’s something. And I think I am conscious enough of my habits of consumption that BND isn’t necessarily for me.

Yesterday was the only day my mom and I could get together to go Xmas shopping for Sri’s son. I had to go along because I’m about the same size as him and would thus make a practical tryer-onner of clothes. It only took an hour so that was pretty good. And because so many of the shops were having “buy one get one 50% off” sales I got a pair of pants out of it. Not just pants like the kind I wear all the time, but jeans. It’s been ten years since I wore jeans. And even then it was mandatory as part of the Westgate choir casual uniform. I figured I’d be able to take this step backwards because I have slowed down in always having a book in the cargo pockets of my pants. You can blame the cell phone for that, since it’s got a whole shwack of books on it. And I wear sweaters with pockets. And I carry a bag around more often than I ever used to. So the necessity of cargo pants isn’t quite there any more. And a different colour of leg accoutrements didn’t seem that unreasonable.

You can tell I’m self-justifying here by my many sentences starting with And. I’m building up a wall. One sentence after another to hide behind. You probably don’t care. There’s nothing to hide about. But sometimes a cat just has to bury his new clothes in the backyard.

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