a year and a bit in

I’ve been in Campbell River a year. More than a year. Last year I put up a picture of me, one month in. Here’s what I look like today.

Hatless(!) Me 2013

Hatless(!) Me 2013

A year was the amount of time I planned to give it before deciding what role this place was going to play in my life. For me, that meant I didn’t want to come here and immediately start thinking about leaving. Giving it a year to see what happened seemed legitimate. Maybe I would really like living in a small town. Maybe I would make some friends that would make me not want to leave.

Well, that hasn’t really happened.

To be clear, my job is fine. If I was doing this job in a place where I had friends to have a beer with after work and to play games with on the weekend it would be pretty great. But I do not have that. I have work and books and the internet which is not terrible, but also not terribly inspiring or fun. Could be worse.

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3 thoughts on “a year and a bit in

  1. Manuel Fernandez says:

    from Taza ( Morocco)

    Just exploring the internet with – an inquiring mind. Call me a digital camel, Justin. Regardless of this one’s ignoramus status in the digital word, let’s never ever underestimate how the multidimensional mind work; qnd I feel-think that your”dubious monk” page proves that to be a monk requires the juice of an ongoing life that don’t take anything for granted …

    You’r right on about C.River ( I could have written your comments back in the early 80s, when wander(wonder)lust took this camel up the island but the “oasis” (…) has been found in the so-called Land of Plenty ( Needs), which is Courtenay of course.

    Chuchu (not chichi; I changed the recipe one year ago…) =8, that is the secret recipe that I shared with you the other day; too esoteric to whoever is reading this comment by the way; and too real to a monks who live in the marketplace. Have a discovery of a hearty jjourney in 2014 ( and always°, Justin. Wonderful to read about you in a land where water is at a premium while chi chi tourists spend a lifetime under the shower


  2. Manuel Fernandez says:

    editing my last comment, Justin ( not just passing the bucks of my grammarian errors to this Arabic-Frencha keyboard…oops); read:

    let’s never understimate how the multidimensional mind works ( not work…)
    An ongoing life that doesn’t take anything for granted ( not don’t …)
    who lives ( not live…) in the marketplace

    too real for (not to) monk

    Now that I have exposed my (grammarian) repentance of a spanking, I do feel free to apply for a job at the National Post …

  3. Marek says:

    Have you seen true detective…man you need to watch it now if you haven’t…let me know if you come to the city some time Justin.

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