> headphones bobbing silent in the night

headphones bobbing silent in the night

2011-11-05 - jjackunrau

The Rocks is the oldest part of Sydney. It’s out on the harbour and filled with old stone buildings from back when the colony was just starting. Now it’s all touristed up because hey, that’s where the cruise ships dock. Obviously that makes it a bit more expensive than you might like for daily shopping needs, but it’s a good special event type place. And a special event is happening there Friday nights for the next couple of weeks.

Last night we went and watched Christa Hughes belt out songs in a square and we danced at a silent disco. The silent disco was under a couple of umbrellas. There was a laptop DJ spinning tunes but instead of heading into loudspeakers they were beamed into wireless headphones. People stood around watching the dancers bob up and down to the sounds in their heads. The headphones hung on clotheslines when you were done so people could move in and out. Holly and I danced for a song then left in the middle of Hey Ya! so that others could enjoy it. It felt so selfish to dance to the music no one else could hear but as part of a project, it’s better. I like how art works sometimes.

We also wandered into an exhibit filled with elastic bands stretched around a room, but the curators/artists were too busy with their own conversation to make it at all accessible. Selah. A guy who made cufflinks out of old watches was my favourite. He had the salesmanship of selling prettied up discards down perfectly. I really wanted to buy a couple of cufflinks but I don’t have the right kind of shirts (though that’s remediable) and I’d already spent a chunk of money on myself earlier (I bought 1Q84 at Australian book prices). They’ll be back next week if I change my mind.

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