> there were shrimp, but no one said the phrase

there were shrimp, but no one said the phrase

2011-05-22 - jjackunrau

One of the good things about sharing space with people when you move somewhere new is that sometimes they’re very nice and it’s like you have friends. This worked in Vancouver and there’s a possibility of it working all right out here in Sydney.

Yesterday was a sunny day and Peter (from New Zealand) had presciently organized a barbecue in the park behind our building. He invited a bunch of his friends and whoever from our house wanted to come.

The barbecues in the park were not what I would have expected (some sort of charcoal grill receptacles). These were built into concrete electric things - no fuel required. The cooking surface was flat metal with a hole in the centre for oil and fat to drip into I guess. It was like a short order cook station out under the trees. It was super clean and well-maintained too. Carole said that in Chile it would have been dirty broken and stolen long ago.

It was good to hang out with our neighbours though. They’re all pretty friendly and I think Holly and I’ll be able to live with them till December.

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