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cookery professional and amateur

2011-07-19 - jjackunrau

Holly has a job working for a pastry chef which means she’s going to learn French now to keep up with everyone in her kitchen. It is going to be kind of embarrassing when her skills are better than mine by the time we leave Sydney.

Her job is going to have her working really hard for long hours (possibly being yelled at by a Chef), so the plan is for me to be the primary cooker of our meals. Happily, she’s a forgiving and appreciative audience for food.

So far I’ve made a couple of stir fries (one involved me making a peanut sauce) and a bunch of curried vegetable kinds of dishes. I doubt I’ll turn into Sean or Steve in terms of taking cooking really seriously, but yeah, it feels good to come home and make something. Except today. Today we had leftovers, which is important when we’ve got 8000 people sharing a fridge. You need to thin out the accumulations.

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