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2011-10-12 - jjackunrau

The last couple of nights our evenings have been spent in our back courtyard with Holly playing guitar, trying to remember songs she used to play, and learning ones she wanted to. She’s using Javier’s guitar, and his wonderful capo, which was evidently a present from Carola at some point. It was one of those presents I get the feeling that Carola wasn’t too impressed with - it’s just a bit of plastic - but that Javier and anyone who plays his guitar really appreciates. It’s a really good little tool.

The other tools in use out there to sing Bonnie Raitt songs is the internet, which I enjoy. Monday night Holly was using her laptop till it ran out of battery, but last night it was her phone. My job (which I was a bit lacklustre in) was to touch the phone’s screen every once in a while so it wouldn’t shut down to save power. The phone, of course, didn’t know its screen was being read by someone whose hands were full of guitar. I felt like a piano bench sharing page-turner while read my book.

Over the weekend Holly was working at Masterchef Live, assisting her Chef in a dozen cake-decorating workshops. She got me a free ticket for Sunday so I wandered around. It was like a comic convention or games convention but for food. T-Fal was a big sponsor and there were Chilli sauce vendors and Dr. Oetker’s and organizations that run team-building cooking workshops and vinegar makers and organic farms and even the Australian military was there doing workshops and recruiting.

Holly got to hang out with Adriano Zumbo a bit and she was well-impressed with his regular-person niceness. I got to meet some of the people Holly works with and I’ve heard so much about. They have very French accents.

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