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2011-10-05 - jjackunrau

It was a long weekend here, but I still don’t know why. We walked along harbours and tried to stay out of the wind and drank coffee and read about aboriginal plants in the botanical gardens and marvelled at how much was closed on a holiday. It felt really peaceful even in the CBD (central business district - do places outside Australia use that terminology? I can’t remember ever hearing it before).

I’m down to two months left at Prosentient. I’m currently working on the new website. It’s lots of CSS coding (markup? probably a real programmer would take issue with calling CSS code) which is a good skill to have I guess.

But I’m getting itchy about this whole work thing. Every moment there is time that could be seeing and doing awesome things. Like going to see a bunch of Sydney artists do a Tom Waits night at the Vanguard. But we’re doing that tomorrow night. It seems like a classy kind of place so I’m quite interested in how it’ll compare to the Tom Waits Birthday parties I’ve been to at Times Change(d).

I made a butternut squash soup for dinner tonight. It was quite tasty. Holly likes soups much more than me so I’ve been learning to make a few of them. Her aunt’s lentil soup is so good. We’ve made that recipe once every few weeks.

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