> the days are long and humid

the days are long and humid

2011-11-09 - jjackunrau

Summer is here. We had a thunderstorm yesterday. It wasn’t super intense or anything but I was glad to have gotten home from work 20 minutes or so before it started. And it stopped raining by the time Holly had to go to work this morning.

The seasons being backward make communication weird sometimes. I have to add in hemispheric qualifiers to any seasonal comment I make. And the idea of Halloween (which wasn’t too big a thing ‘round these parts) or upcoming Xmas seems completely outside of reality.

The commercials here still use snow and Santa in overly warm suits, which baffles me. Holly’s been commenting on the sheer profusion of commercials for keeping your home antiseptic. There’s at least one anti-bug chemical ad every commercial break, sometimes a few.

Our place here hasn’t had any terrifying arthropod visitors, which I am exceedingly grateful for. Though we started a compost in our back garden, and our sharemates aren’t big fans, since it may have attracted some rodents. A couple of days ago we put a bin around it and it seems to be stymying them for now. When Holly turned it the other day, there was a good amount of blackness to the mulch.

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