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and now back to the internet

2011-02-22 - jjackunrau

Holly went back to China this morning. Le fucking sigh. We had a pretty excellent almost-two weeks though. She came to UBC a couple of times, met most of my friends here (at least briefly), ate salmon and bought stuff for the bakery at a thrift store. We went to Kalama (and Seattle and Portland) with Phil. We read books and watched HBO shows and researched visas.

Part of the visa research was because I got a co-op job as a systems librarian in Sydney. Australia. I’ll be going in May and coming back in December (? the dates aren’t finalized yet). We weren’t getting our hopes up for this at all, but my interview went well and now I get to live on the other side of the planet for a while. Crappy thing: Holly’s got to stay in Nanchong until the end of June. Excellent thing: when she’s done, she’ll come to Sydney, and then we’ll come back to Vancouver together for me to finish out my degree. So today was the last of the multi-month separations at the airport, which is great because those suck.

So my time since my last blog-post was eventful and excellent and the only downside is that it’s over.

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