> getting out of the office, seeing new things

getting out of the office, seeing new things

2011-07-27 - jjackunrau

I walked through the CBD this morning to the NSW Parliament library. It was hard not to notice that Darling Harbour was full past the chocks with boats, but I made it past most of them before I did. There’s a boat show going on.

Then I climbed a hill and followed a man with a slightly shiny suit and expensive shoes but who complemented that with a green and yellow soccer scarf (that appeared to say England on it, though the green and yellow were exceedingly Australian) and ratty fingerless gloves. Oh how I wished I’d gotten a look at his face.

At Parliament I did some work that will hopefully be published in a UN handbook, so that’s cool. I got to mix my journalist skills with my library opportunities in a way that meant I could be boring for Holly in so many ways over dinner! Frabjous day.

When I got to Parliament early there was a bus full of school kids arriving for a tour. One of the teachers must have been Maori because he had a full-on facial tattoo to go with his teacher jeans and teacher blazer. It was pretty awesome. I wonder if it’s the first thing he talks about with a new class, or if he waits for a student to ask or if Australian kids are so culturally sensitive and aware no one would even think there’s something remarkable there. (I’m betting it’s not the last one.)

We went out for lunch at work because of the completion of a big long project and then I spent the afternoon troubleshooting as per usual. Home to make dinner and for Holly to set off the smoke detector with her bucket of foot-soaking water (I don’t exactly understand it either).

And now we’re sitting here on the bed. Side by side. Blogging. Because that’s what we do. Not a new thing, but still something I enjoy.

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