> i guess i'm feeling ominous or something

i guess i'm feeling ominous or something

2011-09-04 - jjackunrau

We’re watching Carnivale these days and I’ve got Nick Cave running in iTunes. I doubt the mood of this post will match that.

Work has been work. Holly’s work is more interesting, what with all her stories of yelling and French and food being thrown out and poor motivation and the like (which she doesn’t necessarily put on her blog, a clear incentive for you to invite her to talk to you in person, with my own good self tagged along too). I mean, my work seems pretty trivial in comparison. We aren’t dealing with the creation of food, just code. Organizational stuff.

Yesterday while Holly was at work (having an unusually good day) I was here at the desk typing up an assignment for my co-op work term. It’s the kind of assignment that seems a little ridiculous to someone who’s been doing a fairly good job blogging about work (over at Libraraianaut) since it’s so much “What have you done?” “Does it match up with your expectations?” and all that kind of stuff. But whatever. I wrote it up in the necessary format.

Today we went to the beach (Bondi). It’s not particularly hot out yet, so it wasn’t a swimming kind of trip. Just a going out to have a picnic sort of excursion. But there were signs declaring the beach an alcohol-free zone. We weren’t sure if we were allowed to have our wine, or if they had a crew of thugs putting on jack-boots somewhere nearby. Usually Sydney seems pretty relaxed about this sort of thing but when we were seeing what other people were doing all we could see was pop and water bottles. Everyone had them, such paragons of clean wholesome living. It was disconcerting.

I’ve gotten over my harumphiness of the return of the Jets and have given them $25 for a new Jets shirt. Because Winnipeg is a good place to be from (and I have history with the old Jets that I don’t with the Bombers) so something with a logo from the city works for me. It’s no Weakerthans Tshirt but it’ll do for now. I’m going to deal with the new militarism it embodies but I’d kind of rather do that from a position of complicity with the whole ordeal.

Poking around the new Jets shop I was kind of annoyed that you can buy “vintage distressed” TShirts with the brand new logo on them. I realize that’s the kind of thing that sells, but the whole point of vintage stuff is to at least have some tenuous connection to the actual past isn’t it? If you’re faking history use something historical. (Disclosure: I have a NewBalance toque with the old Jets logo on it that I bought a couple of years ago. My jersey is older than me though.) Bah. Authenticity is kind of bullshit anyway. Okay, obviously I haven’t gotten all my harrumphiness out of my system.

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