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i am a bad cyborg

2011-02-08 - jjackunrau

Holly gets here tomorrow. If things are going according to schedule her plane has already taken off from Shanghai and she’s on her way. I managed to clean up my room to a relatively decent degree. I mean, yes, all her stuff will have to be piled on the floor, but it’s not like she’s got that much stuff anyway.

I also got the thing that’s due on Thursday finished off this morning which means I’ve only got two classes while she’s here and only minor homework. The last five weeks of being really boring and working ahead have paid off. (Cue me getting deathly ill and unable to do anything for the entire visit, but being very fine the day after she leaves. This is me pre-empting you universe. I don’t want any of those shenanigans.)

Also, I’ve got a co-op job interview on Wednesday. The job is in Australia. I don’t have super high hopes for getting it, but it seems like the kind of thing I’d be pretty good at. And it would be in Australia. Just for 8 months, but still.

So yes. While Holly’s here I might put more pictures up on the ol’ Flickr account. Also, hopefully she’ll get some blogging in. But I might not be visible on the internet the next couple of weeks because of non-digital life. Selah.

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