> your troubles in your old kit bag

your troubles in your old kit bag

2011-04-25 - jjackunrau

So in two(!) days I’ll be getting on a plane bound for Australia. My Occupational Training visa has not come through yet,and last week this was a cause for much anguish. The Easter weekend and the time delay in sending things around the globe means there’s little chance this visa will be ready for me to begin work in a week as scheduled.

But. I have a tourist visa to enter the country. And really, there’s nothing I can do here while we wait for the Australian government to approve of me in all my glory, so why the fuck not go? And that’s what I’m doing. It would be nice to start work and actually be receiving a paycheque but the fact remains that my room in Vancouver is rented out already, so it’s couchsurf here or be a tourist in Oz.

Now I’m packing up my room to put things into storage till Holly and I return to Vancouver in January. Essentially all my books are packed. I have an entire bag of Tshirts that isn’t going to Sydney. I’m almost at the point where anything that isn’t packed can either get tossed in a random box or be thrown out and it won’t really matter one way or another.

I’m restricting myself to taking two carryon bags for the next 8 months. Mostly because I like that kind of challenge, but also because then it feels a lot less like I’m “moving to Australia for 8 months” and more like I’m “going to Australia.” Going to Australia is a lot less freakout-inducing. I mean, I’m really excited about this and everything, but still, crossing the planet isn’t something everyone does really lightly.

I like living in chunks of time (part of why I like being back in school with its semesterization), and I don’t think this is as worrying as beginning a job or something without an end in sight, not knowing how next year at this time would be different. I mean, next year at this time Holly’ll be here and I’ll be taking summer courses to finish the degree inshallah. The year after that: completely unknown (except that Holly and I will not be separated by oceans; I can’t wait to be done with that).

Anyway. Two days till I leave and I have a bunch of packing left to do (plus voting).

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