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elves! cartoon elves!

2011-05-20 - jjackunrau

After work today I went for a walk into Glebe. (Sydney’s neighbourhoods have some excellent names. I like living in Ultimo, which was named after a giant robot foe from the Avengers.) To get to Glebe from the office I cross a park. There’s another, more direct way that takes you past a couple of supermarkets but I was saving that for the loop back. And if I’d gone that way I wouldn’t be able to tell you about what is in this park.

There is a dog-racing track in this park. It has big modern stands and a gate and apparently on Friday nights greyhounds race, because the floodlights were on and the gravel patch near the exercise equipment was full to the chock of vehicles with greyhound-sized trailers and three out of four people in the park were walking these wispy sad-looking animals. (Sad-looking because of their buggy eyes in their skinny heads not because they seemed abused or anything.)

The actual track was still empty and I couldn’t see any way in that was on my path, so I didn’t hang around to check if there were actual mechanical rabbits involved or what have you. It all looked much nicer and less grotty than I’d pictured dog-tracks. Much more modern-looking than the horse-track I used to work at.

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