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2011-04-29 - jjackunrau

I arrived in Sydney at about 8am and then was freely in the country by about quarter past 9am. This was on a weird amount of sleep. I’m glad I didn’t get picked up at the airport by my new boss because I was in a not-quite tired state that could lead to a crash at any time.

That crash got put off till oh, about now because I went out to get the city under my boots. I walked more than 8km pretty much along this route. It was a good time. I like doing that kind of thing early to give myself a bit of a sense of scale for the city, to make the maps work better in my head. I took the subway back to the hostel’s neighbourhood, which my feet thanked me for.

The hostel itself is pretty okay. I’m staying here on the recommendation of John, one of my SLAIS classmates. So far it all seems to be fine. We’re just a little further from my workplace than I’d prefer. I’ll be apartment hunting for something in either Glebe or Ultimo.

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