> the internet is installed on thursday

the internet is installed on thursday

2011-05-11 - jjackunrau

And I never did get the hang of Thursdays. But whatever. Here I am. I have an apartment that isn’t a normal tiny apartment the kind I’d pictured Holly and I living in. I mean, I looked at those kinds of places but didn’t end up getting one because my decision making process really needs someone else to keep an eye on it. I tend to think “This weird way of doing things is weird so it’s obviously better!” Which sadly may not always be the case.

Anyway. The apartment I got for Holly and me is in a former storefront and has a shared kitchen and a ridiculous number of TVs for us not to watch. There are rooms with couches and a deck and a barbecue and two microwaves and a gas range and I swore there was an oven, but when I moved in it had disappeared.

The shared kitchen thing. Kitchens are always so wasteful if you aren’t using them. It makes so much sense to share one. But it kind of depends on the rest of the people in the building to see how it’ll be. It’s entirely possible this could turn out to be terrible. In any case, it’s just till December (or less time if my visa gets denied, I guess).

The apartment is right near my future workplace so that’s good. It’s so weird to think about working five days a week for 8 hours a day though. Having weekends mean something. I don’t know how I’ll do it for so many months. I’d be kind of happy with this being my bout in the 9-5 world, combined with our bout in a weird apartment world. Something to do and then move on from. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll love it.

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