> anticipation of a globe half-travelled

anticipation of a globe half-travelled

2011-12-18 - jjackunrau

I enjoy the feeling of being about to leave a place so much. This afternoon Holly and I (re)packed all our bags for heading up to the terribleness that is winter after spending a week on the road to Melbourne and back. And after returning from New Zealand, which I enjoyed immensely even though I was only there a week.

We learned on the road trip what different ideas of the enjoyability of travelling long distances in a car we have. This led to me doing 80% of the trip back (which took us through Canberra - a confusing and bizarre place that felt like people trying to fake like they were living urban lives) and just enjoying how pretty it all was. There are hills but they have trees and the highway cuts differently through them than it does in the Canadian prairies so you can see for ages. You can also see dozens of roadkill kangaroos littering the shoulders.

Holly’s been doing a bunch of blogging on our travels so I’ll point you there if you want more details.

And now here we are, about to head north tomorrow morning. I’m so looking forward to Xmas in Virginia. I hope it’ll be a little less cold than Winnipeg would be.

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