> book review: the android's dream

book review: the android's dream

2008-11-21 - jjackunrau

The Android’s Dream by John Scalzi is light, funny and action-packed. I think I liked it better than Old Man’s War because I’d rather see his hyper-competent wise-cracking characters not be casually murdering people by the hundreds. Maybe only half a dozen people die at the hands of the friendly diplomat whose job is to deliver bad news in this book. I think it bothers me when the characters I’d hang out with are killers, even when the alien/competing government agent started it. To be clear I’m not looking for A-Team style shooting or ridiculous amounts of near misses in order to save lives; I’d just like the main characters to be a little less “badass killer but it doesn’t really affect anything else about me.”

Oh and yes it has to do with an electric sheep but it is nothing at all like a PK Dick book. Nothing at all.

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