> book review: a game of thrones

book review: a game of thrones

2009-03-10 - jjackunrau

I’m trying a new thing for me. Re-reading books I already own. First on the list was George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. It’s an epic fantasy series without a lot of magic and with a lot of swearing and politics (in one of those internet things people do to make more descriptive titles for books it became “Knights Who Say Fuck”). Wow though. It’s been maybe ten years since I read it and I’d forgotten how good this thing was. He does horrible things to his characters but he’s got the skill to make you feel like all of it is inevitable, instead of like the author is pulling strings to make what he wants to have happen happen (which is my biggest problem with Alastair Reynolds’ books).

You know how good this book is? The main family is from the north and the cold and their motto is “Winter is coming,” and I find myself wishing I was there in the cold with them. I have no desire to be anywhere warm in that world, even as my toes fall off here.

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