> book review: iron sunrise

book review: iron sunrise

2009-04-07 - jjackunrau

Now here’s a book with a story. In Charles Stross’ Iron Sunrise someone blew up a sun and people are assassinating everyone who has any proof about who did it. Enter a warblogger, UN WMD expert, 17 year old girl who knows too much, ubermensch bad-guys, and a luxury spaceliner and you’ve got something too long for a movie but a really cinematic read. This is the sequel to Singularity Sky and I think it worked a bit better than the first one. It had a bunch of good stuff to lift for my Traveller campaign. I loved the opening chunk where it describes how exactly the sun explodes. And the twists I was waiting for happened slightly differently than I’d expected so it all felt familiar but cool, which is exactly what you want from a popcorn book like this.

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