> book review: lady of mazes

book review: lady of mazes

2009-07-12 - jjackunrau

It took me a long time (relatively speaking) to get through Karl Schroeder’s book Lady of Mazes. It wasn’t because it was bad; I just didn’t like the beginning third very much. There was a lot of stuff going on with people living in worlds that were invisible to each other. It felt poorly described and I couldn’t get into it. Once the vaguely fantasy-style characters escaped from the war and began interacting with the wider universe it was good fun science fiction. There was some random switching of viewpoint characters that annoyed me a bit, just because we’d never been in one guy’s head until it was necessary and then never hung out in there again. I’ve read other stuff by him before and this wasn’t my favourite.

Also, Karl Schroeder is a Mennonite from Canada who’s related to Doc Schroeder. So there’s that.

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