> book review: watching the watchmen

book review: watching the watchmen

2009-01-01 - jjackunrau

Watching the Watchmen is primarily a collection of Dave Gibbons’ thumbnails behind Watchmen (one of those comics that you should really read even though or possibly because they’ve made a movie version of it). It’s not a really super detailed look behind the scenes, just some interesting anecdotes. There are no crazy scandalous things revealed. But I love looking at the sketches and the detail involved. In the Mars issue when the perfume bottle is rotating through space there were charts mapping out the positions of the stars as the bottle moved. I also found the colourist’s brief interlude very interesting as I didn’t know what the difference between the Absolute and regular editions of Watchmen might be. The Absolute edition does look much better. I might be able to justify buying that copy to replace my old-style TPB. Someday.

And did I mention my copy of Watching the Watchmen is signed by Dave Gibbons? That’s the best part of Hassie living in London. Cool people actually do things there.

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