> book review: nat turner

book review: nat turner

2009-08-02 - jjackunrau

I enjoy working at Reader Services when I get the chance, as the proximity to the graphic novels section gives me more of a chance to be distracted by and grab something to read. Kyle who works down there told me Kyle Baker’s book Nat Turner was good so I read it on my lunch. It’s the historical story of a slave rebellion led by Nat Turner who’d taught himself to read and write and then became an agent of God who killed (with the help of the slaves he freed) 40 some odd people. The book starts off in Africa where it’s nearly wordless (at one point a man is stopped from shooting a slave by a slaver saying “$!”). As it goes on the pictures are embellished with Nat Turner’s own explanation of what happened. Axes are used quite a lot. People go back to kill the infants they forgot about. The whole thing was a quick read and brutal.

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