> book review: apocalipstick (the invisibles volume 2)

book review: apocalipstick (the invisibles volume 2)

2010-01-25 - jjackunrau

There’s an interview with Grant Morrison in the fourth issue of Coilhouse. It was the first thing I read in there. And before that interview I didn’t realize that his 1990s book The Invisibles was a form of autobiography. If you’ve read The Invisibles you can see why. Anyway, I went out and bought volume 2, Apocalipstick and read it.

The idea behind the Invisibles is that they’re these anarchist mystics. One of the main characters is a Brazilian transvestite shaman, another is a psychic clown from the future and they stop power hungry people from doing power hungry shit, while trying slowly to free everyone.

This book had a voodoo story and a time-jumping tale of drugs and identity in the Brazilian. It’s good, and most importantly weird. I think weird is important.

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