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2010-08-28 - jjackunrau

I’m in Vancouver. After meeting Jackie and Terry on the plane (they were heading west for a wedding), the SkyTrain tried to separate me from one of my bags, but through phonecalls back to Winnipeg, all worked out. And then I cursed my two checked bags a hell of a lot as I took the bus the rest of the way to my new home. But I got here and the room is not as small as people had said it would be. Everyone did a very good job adjusting my expectations. Thanks.

I went out walking for a couple of hours, familiarizing myself with the area, as I am wont to do. I found comic shops and used book stores and the train station. I’ll head to UBC on Monday to get my bus pass. And then I had dinner with my new roommates, Brenda and Marlis. Which was fun and welcoming. They’ve been really great and it’s going to be a pretty good time here, I think. Except for the times when I realize how far away I am from the woman I love. Those times kind of suck.

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