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no 'rithmetic

2008-01-09 - jjackunrau

I’ve hit a bump in my reading. I’m trying to start the second Canopus book by Doris Lessing, but am completely not being sucked in yet. I have a bunch of books I’d kind of like to reread but can’t decide which one to follow. I’ve got a Rudy Rucker book on my phone I’m sort of getting into, but scifi makes me feel inadequate recently, because I can’t come up with those kinds of ideas. Those really interesting ones that don’t seem to have been done before. Maybe I’m more literature than sf in my writing than I’d have myself believe.

Also, you may not have noticed but I’m trying to put more content up here than I was doing in the last couple of months. Over in the right hand sidebar you can see how many posts I’ve done in any given month of this blog and I’d like to get that number consistently up in the couple of dozen range again.

Another thing I’m going to start paying attention to is this site Broowaha. It’s billing itself as a citizen journalism newspaper, and might end up a good place for me to do some writing of a less bloggish more journalistic sort. David Cohn (one of the Assignment Zero editors) is the editor there and he says they’re going to be trying some interesting experiments. I liked being part of AZ so I hope this’ll be interesting as well.

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