> you're pompous and ignorant and joyless and just basically suck

you're pompous and ignorant and joyless and just basically suck

2010-01-25 - jjackunrau

The other day I heard a song in the mallish type place downtown. (Cityplace, it’s called and it’s a depressing little excuse for a mall. I’m sure the homeless people who hang out in the pharmacy make it even moreso.) The song was that “You’re so vain you probably think this song’s about you” song (by Carly Simon maybe?), and hearing it, I realized I’d never heard it before.

A few years ago I believe she auctioned off the secret of who the song was actually about. I remember that happening. I remember thinking before that, “What a great first line for a song.” But I’d never heard the actual song. I’d always assumed it was something more punkish, more confrontational, more “Fuck you!” But there in cityplace, was this wafting airy AM radio kind of thing. It threw me off.

Granted this was in (a poor excuse for) a mall, so maybe it was just a Muzakked version of the real song. But still. Tone and content. Different things. I think I liked my imaginary version better. (I refuse to go check what it actually sounds like for real. Leave me in my imagination!)

Also, I apologize for that last wave of shitty book-reviews; they aren’t reviews of shitty books, I swear. I’d been putting them off and now they were just crappy. I did change my ways on the whole corporate linking thing though. From now on, my links go to LibraryThing, not Amazon.ca. I realized after I wrote about the Vancouver and Winnipeg Public Libraries and their sponsorship issues that maybe I shouldn’t link all my reviews to a place that is solely about selling books online. It is possible to buy books through LibraryThing, but you can even check the stocks of local stores and libraries (tough luck if you’re in China). It’s a little less commercial and that’s probably a better model for the kind of thing I’m doing here anyway.

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