> reunited with my books and hats and pictures

reunited with my books and hats and pictures

2010-09-28 - jjackunrau

So the really fragile piece of art Lynette did for me with my Chinese miner postcards got damaged in the move. It was kind of inevitable really. All that plaster, and only bubble-wrap as protection. It’s one of these things that got damaged taking it to Westgate from my old apartment, so I kind of expected bad things to happen crossing half the country. Three chunks came off, and two of them are findable. I might be able to do some restoration work on it and get it displayable. I have plaster and paint and glue. Or I might do something with the wounds themselves. I’m not sure.

I’ve had a good weekend. I’m pretty much caught up on school so I can go to Winnipeg for Sean’s wedding this weekend without having to bring too much work along with me. I skyped with Holly. I read a book. I went to Word on the Street. I wrote a letter. I made a blog for our SLAIS student chapter of Librarians Without Borders. I drank beers and toured Special Libraries (not in that order).

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