> forty days till i'm gone over the ocean

forty days till i'm gone over the ocean

2010-10-24 - jjackunrau

Today, after an entertaining couple of hours at the Writers Festival listening to David Mitchell and Katherine Govier talk about their historical novels set in Japan I went looking for shoes and then came home to pretend to work for several hours (and actually work for a couple).

The talk itself was great. Both of them read interesting bits of their novels, and David Mitchell found a continuity error in his. He was funny and halting and tossing in digressionary asides and was generally awesome. He seemed like he was genuinely thinking about the questions being asked, though he had a few funny bits that he’d brought out a few times. Katherine Govier was also interesting, and I think her book The Ghost Brush sounds really good.

I got David Mitchell to sign my copy of number9dream, and told him I felt bad for the copy being so new, since I’d read it as a library book then gone out to buy this one. So it didn’t have the feeling that I’d already read and loved it. He sort of missed the point but I didn’t want to be the fanboy overexplaining myself in the line. Though I was the youngest person in that line by a good 20 years so I was probably the only fanboy regardless.

Some days I don’t know about this whole library thing. Really, all I want to do is read books and tell Holly stories (and if both those things happened in far off lands I would not complain). I mean, seriously, filled with professional ambition I am not. And going to these events and listening to writers talk about their craft, I get very frustrated at myself for going to school to knock over the domino that allows me to maybe get a job some day. But whatever. I like the things I’m learning too. It’s not bad being back in school. It just seems so backwards somehow.

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