> free until they cut me down

free until they cut me down

2010-07-15 - jjackunrau

I’m done working for the WPL and am happy about it. My last few shifts were filled with not a lot of anguish. A big chunk of that comes from my bouncing around between branches in my brief career here. I’ve left before and come back and left and returned. It’s old news. We don’t need to make a big deal out of anything (though there was cake and a card).

And Sinatra’s no longer my cat. She didn’t get in with the Siamese Rescue place so I took her to the Humane Society yesterday. Which sucked. I filled out a profile for her, about what she likes and what she doesn’t. Ideally this means she’ll get adopted by someone who’ll suit her. And if not, well, I’m not thinking about that. This is a Schrodinger’s Cat situation for me now, and I’ll let that indeterminacy prevail.

Although thinking of cats, seriously, watch the Cat Whisperer bit in this Blamimation. One of many great Cesar Millan-ish lines from it: “A cat is just a piece of living furniture. When your duvet cover acts up do you try to get help for it? No. You throw it away. You throw it in the garbage.” If you’re a cat person who doesn’t like bleak humour it might not be as funny. I love the concept of the bit, how Cesar Millan is so sensitive to dogs and has such disregard for cats. Comedy gold.

Tomorrow we hit the road for Chicago and I’m excited. I’ve been threatening people with trips to their big library, but I hadn’t realized the Field Museum has the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. So that’s my vote for Saturday. And when I say “vote” I mean “thing I will have a tantrum about if I don’t get to see.” And when I say “tantrum” I mean “honest and frank exchange of ideas in a civilized manner.” (The fact that Saturday is the annual July Dinosaur Comics Check Out My Sweet Shirt, And Then Talk To Me Because I’m Awesome Day just sweetens the deal.)

And then off to China! For a month because I can. I’m bringing a whole pile of books with me for the trip. “But Justin, won’t that be heavy?” No! Because I’m doing a librarianaut experiment with an ereader. I’ve put like a hundred books (public domain, creative commons or otherwise sans-DRM) on a little Sony Reader (they recently dropped the prices on these guys) and we’ll see how well this works.

Oh, do you know about Librarianaut? That’s where I’ve shunted all my book reviews and stories about libraries to. After my disciplinary hearing I cleaned all the names out of the library stories so people like Dickie Voldemort can’t get pissed off that I’m fucking up their Google reputations. And to be fair, some of the stories I told are about people who weren’t malicious in their incompetence, so whatever. And Dickie’s weren’t even about his incompetence in specific, but the administration’s in general. But anyway. It’s over and I’ve got a fun new website. See, I can learn and grow and will be a wonderfuckingful librarian despite what clueless assholes might think! Hooray for everything!

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