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2010-10-26 - jjackunrau

First: Tuesday October 26th is the day it’d be awesome if you bought Machine of Death on Amazon. I’ve got a story in it and it’d be wonderful to see this little indie book that could be a bestseller for a day. /endsalespitch

I love finishing assignments, as I can then waste like two days rewarding myself with pleasure reading, which is much more fun than the procrastination reading I’d been doing. Tomorrow I’ll be getting back to work on schoolish stuff.

This afternoon I went to a Librarians Without Borders meeting about developing a library in Kabul. It’s all very interesting and laudable, but it seems a bit over a student group’s head to help with. It’s funny because you want to “fail boldly” and such, but when face to face with a big issue it’s very much “I don’t actually have the capabilities to do anything about that right now.” I suppose you could make it your thing, just throw yourself into it and get to the point that you’d actually be useful, but I certainly don’t feel at that point already. Maybe after I left the meeting the speaker got into some more concrete stuff he wanted out of us. I’ll have to check the notes my co-secretary was taking.

I had to leave early because one of our profs had arranged a tour of an exhibition “Following A Line” at the Contemporary Art Gallery, which was downtown and entailed some busing. It was an interesting exhibition, multimedia and contemporary art-ish. The best part was one exhibit which had two slide projectors running and projecting gelled photos by Agatha Christie on opposite walls. Part of the thing about the piece was supposed to be that you can’t see both pictures at the same time, and how “these cliched images we’ve all seen before” are affected by being shot by Christie (“a notable racist”) and the colour added by the artist. The funny part (and what made it the best) was that the bulb on one of the projectors had burnt out, so as the curator explained about the images she was pointing at a blank wall, saying “Unfortunately today you can’t see these ones at all.” As the machines clacked on.

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