> i also looked for a new phone with an intact screen

i also looked for a new phone with an intact screen

2009-11-07 - jjackunrau

Today I made a point of going outside even though it was my day off and I have an engrossing book to read. Usually that’d mean a day in my pajamas. But. It was like 12 degrees out and sunny. And I had to have a meeting with the property manager in the morning about people whose condo fees haven’t been paid and other things. So I walked to Polo Park and wandered McNally for a while. I made purchases I’d been putting off for a long time and walked home with a very heavy bag. Had a horrible dinner (the sauce I made was just lousy) but my breakfast had been excellent so it all evens out.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be working in Miniserv down at The Falcon, which should be fun. They called me to come in to Section 22 today but I needed this day off. Now it’ll be a string of like 12 days at work. Except for next Wednesday. I keep forgetting about that.

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