> book review: the word of god

book review: the word of god

2009-07-04 - jjackunrau

I can’t remember why I wanted to read The Word of God: or, Holy Writ Rewritten by Thomas M. Disch. I just know that something happened last week when I was working at Reader Services that made me say “I want to read something by Thomas M. Disch,” so I looked him up in our databases, found a book it looked like I might enjoy and then waited for it to be returned to the library. I had never read any of his books before so this one with its promise of the writer declaring himself god and including Philip K. Dick as a major character sounded like it would be up my proverbial alley. And it was. So I’m glad I had this desire whose origin I cannot place.

It’s the kind of novel that is more like a rambling old guy talking about different subjects. While it works well enough here (and when Kurt Vonnegut did it) it’s definitely the kind of thing I wouldn’t want to read from a younger writer. So rest assured that my books won’t be using this device any time soon. (Have I mentioned I’m working on a next book? I am. I’m trying a completely different approach to it: make it good from the beginning, and fuck the word count. We’ll see how it goes.)

Mary from down at the library said she’d started reading this and then when it changed tones she didn’t like it any more so she stopped. Because of this preview of hers I was waiting for the dramatic shift to happen. And waiting and waiting and waiting for about two thirds of the book. It never came. I don’t know what she was talking about in the slightest.

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