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the key to greatness

2007-03-04 - jjackunrau

I got more work done today than I have all week. I believe I owe my productivity to bringing my computer upstairs and working on the couch. Comfortable seating appears to be beneficial. Who knew? It also helps that upstairs I’m not connected to the series of tubes that can be such a distraction.

Also, I found a piece of broken glass in my slipper, but not before it bloodied up my big toe.

I also read some of my ($3) book on Li Lisan and the rise of communism in China. The book is written in a style that seems unsuitable for a serious work of nonfiction. It also employs horrid cliches and glosses over tonnes of stuff. There’s a character that was set up as the secondary viewpoint early on, but she’s been gone for the last 8 chapters. I don’t understand how that made it through the editing process.

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