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2008-02-18 - jjackunrau

Now that I’m getting excited about heading to Nanjing time is dragging on a lot slower than I’d like. Also, I just reread Catch 22 and man what a book that is. I’d forgotten how well it worked. This was only my second time reading it (the first probably being back in my undergrad days) and the cacophony and chaos of the timeline and the impossibility of everything just made me so happy. “This is a brilliant piece of work” I kept on thinking.

Since I’ve started trying on occasion to take my writing seriously, the things I read have been shifting into new categories. The main new division (within things I like) is between “I could do that” and “I would love to be able to do that.” And the main thing that separates the two is energy. Huge amounts of bounding energy in the prose. The kind of thing that isn’t scene setting or describing each motion of a character but lines that describe someone and burst into action. Traditionally, I run out of actions. But I’m working on it.

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