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just a flesh wound

2008-06-08 - jjackunrau

I’ve been away from the bloggery since realizing you don’t really need to read about my writing insecurities. But since that’s the only thing I do apart from read, watch baseball and go to work anymore, there hasn’t been a lot of good fodder for typing about going on. I’ve got about 10 days worth of work left and then I relax a bit before making it good. Maybe then the blog’ll get more interesting.

Though I guess I’ve been reading and could talk a bit about that. V remains good and I’m not done yet. I got a bit bogged down again in Mondaugen’s story. There’s only so much decadent sjambokking I can read about in a sitting. But today I read Fausto’s Confession while the Jays finally beat the Orioles and it was fine.

When I got bogged down I turned to a couple of other books. I read The Picture of Dorian Grey and got sick real quick of the “wit” of saying that things are their opposite. In much the way that future generations will look on our sarcasm, I imagine. And I’ve been reading Walden which I think I should leave to its own post.

But yeah. I’m just rolling along, manufacturing things to be looking forward to.

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