> book review: singularity sky

book review: singularity sky

2008-12-14 - jjackunrau

Charles Stross’ Singularity Sky touches on a bunch of things I’m interested in that are probably more fantasy than science but fuck it I like em. There’s FTL communication, wildly diverging technologies and technologically powered anarchism. The pain in the ass about reading this particular book (about a technologically advanced pseudoculture meeting up with/declaring war on a culture more like something you’d see in Star Wars) is how close some of the ideas/plot-points were to 3dWorlder. So I need to work on my characters, making them more than playing pieces so the plot is less important that it’s got similar elements.

Yes this is less a review than a lamentation that my book needs a lot more work. That’s the sort of mood I am in.

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