> carved with chainsaws, i think

carved with chainsaws, i think

2012-12-22 - jjackunrau

Around the downtown here there are statues. Kind of like the fibreglass polar bears, or cows or Snoopys or whatever, dotting North American cityscapes without enough real history to have historical things. In Campbell River, these aren’t all the same thing painted differently, but actually different wooden carvings done out of big logs of some sort of wood. (I am obviously not a lumberjack.)

There are salmon and other animals I guess, but the one I pass every night walking home from work looks just like the bust of a Giger xenomorph. It’s actually a bear or something (its back is what looks like the alien’s elongated forehead) but the way its lit in the dark leaves me unsettled every time I pass. If they ever start hanging a bunch of chains in the community centre’s entryway I’ll take a slightly longer route home.

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