> legitimately singing along with johnny cash

legitimately singing along with johnny cash

2012-10-21 - jjackunrau

Last week I drove down to Nanaimo the day after buying my new old car (a black 2001 2-door VW Golf), which was good. Got some initial bonding under way. The drive taught me how owning a car is much more fitting with my personality than owning a home was. It feels much less hypocritical to enjoy songs about wayfaring strangers and such on a car stereo (with a tape deck!) than a home theatre system.

Now the next time I have to move across the country I’ll be able to do something like sell off everything except what fits in the hatchback and perform a soft reset. Not that I’m planning on leaving - Campbell River is treating me well - but it is good to have a back door open.

Anyway. I made cookies yesterday. The recipe was lower in oat content than I remembered, but they weren’t terrible. At some point I’ll probably have to buy an electric mixer/egg beater kind of thing, because smooshing butter and sugar together till it’s smooth is a lot of work with a fork.

Next weekend I’m going into Vancouver for a Halloween D&D party. I hope my costume arrives in time.

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