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come on grab your friends

2012-11-01 - jjackunrau

I believe this is the first time I’ve been the most-elaborately costumed person in my workplace. For Halloween at least. I went as Finn the Human and brought along an episode to show people who’d never heard of the show Adventure Time. Which was most people.

One thing I really like about wearing a costume at work - as opposed to at a party - is the extra layer of ridiculousness layered into every interaction. I find those are even better when both people are in costume and there is no acknowledgement of the fact. I chatted with one of the bookstore women about their author signing last week, and she was in angel regalia and I was a radical adventurer and it was no big thing.

On the weekend I went into Vancouver and played D&D in costume with library school friends and that was pretty fun. I’m really glad that Vancouver isn’t a completely onerous distance from here, since well, that’s where my friends are.

We were talking over the weekend about how I can get a bit more of a social circle here and it seems that being the kind of person who could go somewhere and play rec-league sportball with strangers is the ticket. I am still not sure what I’ll do instead. It’s a good thing I have the internet to keep me company till I get meatspace pals sorted out.

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