> methadone for my mother

methadone for my mother

2012-12-20 - jjackunrau

I woke this morning to howling wind and rain. Which wasn’t quite as impressive as Tuesday’s snow (which is gone now). On both days I was happy to not have to drive to work. Driving the car still feels like a special occasion sort of thing. But a dental appointment without anything really bad happening kind of special occasion. snow Last week I left the lights on in the car when I was at the branch I have to take the ferry to. Happily my coworker noticed before too many hours had passed, so I could get the thing started before I had to drive back to the ferry to get home.

I like taking the ferry and working over at our branch on the other side. There’s no separate information desk over there so I get to check books out to people. I like that part of the job. Tomorrow I’m going to a high-school to talk about the wonderful resources of the library, and that’s another part of the job I like. I guess I just like going places for work. That was my favourite part of the job in Australia too. Not being in the office but being out somewhere, for a reason.

It’s like I want to be a journalist or something. But if I were one of those I’d probably have to blog a bit more often.

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