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the secret russians

2012-11-03 - jjackunrau

Is it strange for the cashier at the liquor store to ask you questions about what you’re going to use your purchases for? I mean, if I’m just going to go home and drink a bottle of vodka chased with a bottle of kahlua, maybe I don’t want to tell her. I understood the part where she was interested in the beer she hadn’t tried yet, but found the question about the colour of my Russians a bit invasive.

My neighbour here is an inventor/handyman and it’s kind of interesting. He’s very secretive about his invention which has the potential to “take down an industry” but not a big one like automotives. He borrowed my camera to take some pictures yesterday but didn’t want any help getting good ones and even bought his own SD card to put them on. Which makes me curious. He’s got a patent lawyer doing some searches for him. I don’t know at what stage it gets to pass out of the veil of secrecy. As soon as it does I will let you know.

I was terribly disappointed that Cloud Atlas didn’t make it to Campbell River. I hope that doesn’t bode ill for Django Unchained. Because they’re very similar movies, I understand. (I am not at all worried about the new Bond movie getting here.)

Oh hey, do you want to see what I look like without a beard? And without a hat? Boom.I was trying to figure out the last time I was that clean-shaven and I think it would have been spring of 2004. Of course, this was for a Halloween costume, which I don’t have any pictures of. I think they took a couple of me in costume doing storytime on Wednesday but I didn’t get a copy.

And thus concludes my blogging about whatever random things I thought of before making dinner.

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