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not dead; just quiet

2012-10-14 - jjackunrau

This morning it’s raining and blowing in exactly the way that would have made moving in a terrible ordeal a couple of weeks ago. I’d kind of been envisioning that day to be like today. so that each box would be starting to disintegrate as I hauled it up slippery steps, the sideways rain getting into the back of the truck to make sure everything would get endampened while hauling happened.

But that didn’t happen, and now it’s blowy and rainy on a day I get to make tea and practice for doing nursery rhymes with the demanding audiences of under-15-month-olds I have tomorrow.

I guess settling in is happening. I work Monday to Friday with late shifts on Tuesday and Friday, allowing me a little weekday morning flexibility. I’ve been able to listen to baseball and read books and write and go out to movies (I’ve seen Dredd, Looper and Argo since being here and I’m the only person who’s stayed for the credits at each one - someday someone else will also watch the full credits and we will become friends). I’ve even been paid already.

One of the things I’ve noticed a lot about town is that people do things to benefit the Rotary. There’s a Young Professionals of Campbell River group that does networking things and is having a gala ball to raise money for a Rotary Splash Park, and I see signs in all sorts of businesses that say they’ve donated to some Rotary drive. I have to admit I don’t get it. Since my knowledge of the Rotary comes basically from Hunter S. Thompson (an admittedly virulently-biased source), it’s confusing to me why people would advertise allegiance with them. Those signs make me think of those “I donated to the Police Association so I don’t get speeding ticket” bumper stickers I’ve heard exist.

I’m looking at getting a car. Not a new one. Something I can pay cash for and drive only when necessary (going to other libraries for work, or picking up friends who come to visit). I have to fight my tendency to just buy something quickly because I hate thinking about it, but I’ve managed to get through so far.

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