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and acting tough

2012-11-12 - jjackunrau

I’d never seen Hawksley Workman in concert before last night and now I wonder how different the experience would have been if it had been in Winnipeg or Vancouver as compared to Campbell River. His interstitial ramblings were a bit pointless, but it was more frustrating because people in the audience kept feeling entitled to, not heckle, but to shout things like they were having a conversation, to try and prove how witty they were.

He enjoyed some of them, but it felt like the good ones just encouraged more idiotic things to emerge. In a quiet part in one song one of the high-schoolers in front of me screeched like a dinosaur. When Hawksley said we were a kind audience there were weird knowing laughs and more than one ominous yell of “This is Campbell River!” It didn’t make it sound like CR is known for being kind, is all I’m saying.


But Jebus that man can sing. It’s hard not to compare him (unfavourably) to Danny Michel when he’s telling a story or talking about writing songs or what have you, but when he just wails and howls and falsettos and rides the break in his voice so hard, it’s kind of amazing. He didn’t sing You and the Candles, but I survived.

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